Something I have always been passionate about, and a firm believer in are the positive benefits that being active in the outdoors can have on our mental health. 

Working with Maeve Peoples, a qualified psychotherapist, we have developed adventure based therapy sessions.  During the sessions, I facilitate the activities whilst ensuring there are opportunities for private conversations between Maeve and the clients. The natural setting, away from a clinical based practice, and the shared adventure experiences are a lot more conducive to honest and open conversations, whilst being in nature allows the space and time for reflection.

The activities can be tailored to your own needs and abilities, and they can be ran on an individual or group format.

This collaboration is something that I am very excited about, and we feel that it is something needed now more than ever. This is especially true with the amount of anxiety and uncertainty that is facing us all.

If you feel that you or someone close to you could benefit from this service or just want to find out more please click the link to get in touch.

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