Donegal really is a special place, it still retains a real sense of wildness and remoteness.  If you’re looking to get away from it all, recharge and re-energise yourself there is no better place than the mountain ranges in Donegal!

At Awaken Adventures we can take you on a guided hike around the many ranges, the hikes can be specifically tailored to suit your needs.  Whether it’s iconic Errigal, exploring the stunning Poison Glen or if you really just want to get away from it all, we have something for everyone.  So contact us today to plan your next Adventure!

There are specific hikes that Awaken Adventures organises for example the ever popular Full Moon hike up Errigal, but if you wish to organise your own group we can tailor the hike to suit your needs so get in touch today.

Duration and prices vary depending on the hike and group size so contact us to find out more.

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For those who want to become more confident and self-reliant in the mountains, why not take a Mountain Navigation Skills course with us.  Over the duration of the course you will learn how to navigate in the hills using maps, compass and other  navigation techniques, giving you a solid foundation of skills and the confidence to go out and get exploring yourself!

Training Courses