June Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the June Newsletter!  I hope that you are safe, well and doing ok as we continue our journey dealing with Covid and its effects on our lives.  


The past few months during lockdown have been a bit up and down for me personally, most days I was fine, but some days I found it tough.  


There was no real explanation for it, I have been lucky in that all my close family and friends have thankfully remained healthy and unaffected by the coronavirus, and in fact the lockdown has actually brought me into closer and more regular contact with friends and family via video chats and virtual group meet ups.

The weather has been an absolute blessing with lots and lots of outdoor fun being had with my family, thinking up mini adventures and activities to do in our garden, and then as the restrictions lifted in our local area.

I guess I just struggled with the feeling that I should be doing something more, or that I should be achieving more during this period of time when I was at home.  But when I stopped and thought about what was frustrating me, I realised that it was not actually anything important and that I should just be thankful for the opportunity to slow down, reset and just enjoy being at home.


Though one thing that the past few months has shown me is how much I need the outdoors and how I should not take for granted the amazing wild places that this county has.  I can’t wait to get back out in the hills, on the rock and in the water again!

So now as we hopefully come out the other side of the lockdown and following the government’s phased re-opening I am excited to say that I have started to operate Awaken Adventures again.  To begin with I am accepting small group bookings and only planning a few events, and any of the events organised will be strictly for small numbers.


As part of the reopening I have produced a document highlighting Awaken Adventures Covid-19 Statement and Policy for Activities, please take the time to read it and if you have any questions just get in touch, this is the link to it: https://awakenadventures.ie/covid-19/

The first events that I am organising will coincide with the Summer Solstice weekend.  On Sunday 21st June I will be running a sunrise hike up Errigal.  Please note that before you book, it is the solstice weekend and so sunrise is very early, the start time for the hike is 3am!  For more information and to book click this link: https://forms.gle/ZqhwXcVYhMMUAWTQ9


That same evening I will be running a sunset kayak session in Mulroy Bay, again numbers for this will be strictly limited.  For more information and to book click here: https://forms.gle/2z6K7Wz6Vuhv3b8i7


The next full moon is on Sunday 5th July and what better place to watch the sunset and the full moon rise than on the summit of iconic Errigal!  Again numbers will be strictly limited for the full moon hike.  For more information and to book click this link: https://forms.gle/b65wrHsnqqvK2FtY7


Remember you don’t need to wait for an event to get out for an adventure!  If you would like to organise your own group booking or family adventure then please get in touch.


Happy Adventuring




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