Hiking in Donegal, views overlooking the Poison Glen.

Another Birthday Challenge

In the not too distant future I will have completed another lap around the sun, and so my annual tradition of a healthy challenge begins. This all began when I was turning 40, and instead of planning a big party to celebrate I decided to do a 40 day challenge, my kids however thought that […]

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Group coasteering in Donegal

Goodwill Adventures!

Goodwill Adventures is something that I have been thinking about putting out for a while, and what better time to do so than just after the Season of Goodwill? So what is it? As I talked about in my previous post: So who needs adventure anyway? I feel it’s important for everyone to get out […]

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Hiking in Donegal

So who needs adventure anyway?

To me personally I would say that everybody needs a bit of adventure in their life. But what is ‘adventure’ and what are the benefits to living a more adventurous life?   Although there may not be an agreed overall definition of what adventure means amongst those that research it, one of the more established […]

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sunrise from Errigal mountain, hiking Donegal

September 2022 Newsletter

  Hello and welcome to the latest Awaken Adventures newsletter. First off I’d like to thank everyone who came out and joined in on the Adventures over the summer months, it’s been amazing getting to meet so many wonderful people and share with them great experiences both on and off the water. Although September is here and […]

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2020 Review

Welcome to Awaken Adventures latest newsletter. I just wanted to take a moment to look back over the past year and share some of my story with you.   Last year started off in a very positive way. I hosted some successful events. I had my first newspaper and radio interviews. My diary was booking […]

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June Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the June Newsletter!  I hope that you are safe, well and doing ok as we continue our journey dealing with Covid and its effects on our lives.     The past few months during lockdown have been a bit up and down for me personally, most days I was fine, but some […]

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No such thing as BAD weather…..part 2.

Hello and I hope you are well in these current strange and challenging times we find ourselves in, a lot has changed for everyone since I wrote the first part of this blog, which you can check out here: https://awakenadventures.ie/no-such-thing-as-bad-weather/ but one thing that will not change and will still be there once this is […]

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No such thing as BAD weather!!

I’m sure you have heard the quote: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!”  This is so true, especially at the moment here in Ireland where it just seems to be storm after storm!     “What should I wear?” is often I question I get asked by anyone I am taking out […]

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February Newsletter

Hello and welcome to February’s Newsletter!     The year started off in style with a New Year’s Day kayak out on Mulroy Bay, this was the second year of it and it looks like it could be becoming an annual tradition!  Then on the first weekend of the year a group of hardy young boys […]

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The Big Four Oh Oh

This year I will be having what some might view as a milestone birthday.  Because of this I have repeatedly been asked what were my big plans to celebrate?  The idea of a big fancy over indulgent party didn’t really appeal to me. However whilst out on our New Year’s Day paddle we did start […]

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